Changing the game in Technology.

There are 11.8 million net tech employees in the United States. (261,000 of those jobs were added in the last year alone).

My name is Antoni Tzavelas. I worked as an engineer in the technology industry for more than 15 years. During my time in the industry I picked up on a few patterns:

Now, with all of that being said, according to a 5,000 participant study released by Tiny Pulse.

This study above highlights a glaring issue-- executives and company leaders are so focused on the automation of workflows and an increase in efficiency, that they aren’t paying attention to the needs of their employees.

What can an executive in the tech industry like yourself do to turn this around? The problem with the tech industry is that an emphasis has been placed on speed and efficiency over employee growth and happiness.

Yet somehow you know that automation and the increased emphasis on speed has undermined your team’s ability to effectively communicate.


Empower the executive

Empowering Leaders and Managers can be the key to true organizational success.


Cultivate real growth

Giving people the desire to learn and grow through trust.


Effective communication

Exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge and information making it the foundation for every person.

It all starts with a conversation

Will you take the step to cultivate leaders who value trust, integrity, communication and creativity that inspire others to do the same?