Coaching for Teams and Organizations

By combining my methodologies with innovative processes and targeted strategies, my workshops will help you achieve measurable change immediately. And, the results are sustainable.

Rising to the Occasion (Teamwork building)

Most focus on their own specific job at hand and this creates silos within their own team. Those who share this same mindset can also cultivate an environment of cliques and segregation or exclusion of team members. When people are excluded the feeling of trust is broken and safety to speak up due to fear of not being accepted becomes a clear problematic factor.

Fear of not being accepted causes the lack of trust in people speaking their truth. This inevitably ends up causing cliques, bad talk and a breakdown in team communication.

Outcome: A more collaborative environment that enables people to appreciate working with one another and removes the scarcity mindset of only being responsible for one's own task. This brings higher performing outcomes in a shorter amount of time with the least amount of friction.


The Culture Framework

The organization has a core set of values that they have their employees abide by. It is defined as their truth and a guide for all throughout their daily decisions. Through these values there must be alignment with the people's values.

When people are unhappy at work, this causes retention issues and lack of motivation and creativity. When a lack of motivation is present, disengagement sets in and will lead to higher customer service complaints due to the lack of care of not giving deliverables as expected. A poor outcome is the result of this unhappiness.

Outcome: Communication in a safe environment will conjure joy throughout the organization and will fuel innovation, motivation and happiness between people and teams.


Stopping the Clock (Time Management)

Are you or your people focusing too much on things that don't provide your company value? Are you missing out on quality of work? It's not about keeping busy. It's about what you're doing on a macro level that brings the highest value so that you are able to focus on having the time to be present. These moments will cultivate inspiration, creativity and joy and productivity. It's about creating a perfect balance between personal time and business time that allows a person to stop doing busy work and allow more time for oneself to get clarity on what really matters.

People don't have enough time to finish the important things that need to get done at work and this is causing burnout.

Outcome: Higher productivity while keeping people energetically connected. This also results in higher retention, higher engagement, more focused individuals, less distractions with "busywork"



Too many issues with ego's and superiority complexes can cause tempers to erupt and hurtful words to be said. It can also cause many to feel unsafe, scared and even threatened.

Many do not feel safe speaking up around specific people or a group of people due to the issue of being  humiliated or belittled.  This is causing people in the company to feel disengaged and uninspired. A sense of hurt and fear encompasses the environment and the feeling of negative energy.

Outcome: Empowering everyone within the organization to voice their opinions and concerns without feeling scared, and allowing many to feel at ease.


It all starts with a conversation

Will you take the step to cultivate leaders who value trust, integrity, communication and creativity that inspire others to do the same?