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Message from Antoni Tzavelas

I’m going to propose something radical here...
You CAN fundamentally change your company culture.

What can an executive in the tech industry like yourself do to turn this around? The problem with the tech industry is that an emphasis has been placed on speed and efficiency over employee growth and happiness. But you know this already, don’t you? Because somehow you know that automation and the increased emphasis on speed has undermined your team’s ability to effectively communicate. And that lack of communication can absolutely destroy your company-wide morale.

That's where I come in to show you how together we can lead your team to passion and productivity.

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Utilizing my methods will help you to break down disconnected silos of workers. This will allow for better communication and collaboration, which will create a team that can function efficiently and bring features to market quicker.

Rising to The Occasion (Teamwork Building)

Fear of not being accepted causes the lack of trust in people speaking their truth. This inevitably ends up causing cliques, bad talk and a breakdown in team communication.

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The Culture Framework

When people are unhappy at work, this causes retention issues and lack of motivation and creativity. When a lack of motivation is present, disengagement sets in and will lead to higher customer service complaints due to the lack of care of giving deliverables as expected. A poor outcome is the result of this unhappiness.

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Stopping the Clock (Time Management)

People don't have enough time to finish the important things that need to get done at work and is causing burnout. It's about creating a perfect balance between personal time and business time that allows a person to stop doing busy work and allow more time for oneself to get clarity on what really matters.

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Many do not feel safe speaking up around specific people or a group of people due to the issue of being  humiliated or belittled.  This is causing teammates to feel disengaged and uninspired. A sense of hurt and fear encompasses the environment and the feeling of negative energy.

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It all starts with a conversation

Will you take the step to cultivate leaders who value trust, integrity, communication and creativity that inspire others to do the same?